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WATAN’s shelter sector has a comprehensive approach to providing shelter solutions for displaced communities in Syria and Turkey. The sector’s history dates back to the end of 2012 when the organization distributed 3,000 blankets and 10,000 sleeping bags to the displaced. Since 2015, the organization has been working on providing shelter solutions in both in-camp and off-camp settings. Initially, the focus was on distributing shelter kits and enhancing life in camps by conducting construction activities and establishing concrete fences. However, Watan has now expanded its activities to include installing new tents and providing gravel foundations and participating in expert technical teams with engineers in Syria and Turkey. In partnership with the Global Shelter Cluster and IKEA’s Better Shelter organization, Watan has established new camps with innovative shelter solutions, funded by UNHCR and UNOCHA, to provide displaced families with safe, secure, and stable living environments. The Watan Foundation’s shelter sector is critical for meeting the basic needs of displaced communities and supporting their well-being and dignity during times of crisis.


  • Support the transitional shelter: provision of shelter needs to stabilize IDPs in the collective centers and camps.
  • Provision of support for shelter durable interventions: by supporting the returnees to their place of origin when the conditions are suitable by rehabilitating the damaged houses and buildings.
  • Appropriate preparedness for an emergency: Create plans and discover the best solutions to respond to the emergency by ensuring the prepositioning items, and procedures for fast and adequate intervention.


  • House’s rehabilitation.
  • CCs Rehabilitation.
  • Shelter Items distribution.
  • Tent distribution and installation.
  • Better Shelter (RHUs) installation.
  • Dignified Shelter installation.
  • Infrastructure activities (Latrains, sewage, drainages, water supply, road graveling…..)



At the heart of WATAN’s shelter sector philosophy is a rapid response network made up of 100 volunteers situated in various regions within Syria. These volunteers provide weekly reports on changes in the humanitarian situation, including any increases in the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

This information is then relayed to the sector team, who determine the best course of action required to address any emergencies. Examples of such actions include the distribution of non-food baskets, including shelter baskets, which consist of essential items such as kitchen sets, mattresses, solar lamps, and kerosene heaters. Coordination with other sectors, such as the WASH sector, is also crucial to ensure any related issues, such as open sewerage systems, are referred to the relevant parties. To avoid any duplication of efforts, effective communication with the cluster is maintained.

In addition to providing immediate relief, the shelter and non-food sectors strive to build capacity within the rapid response network to expand coverage areas and reach more beneficiaries, with the goal of achieving sustainable results.





Idleb and Aleppo

👤 No. beneficiaries

1.37 M

IOM 2023


Idleb and Alepp

👤 No. beneficiaries

43 k

OCHA Houses rehab


Idleb and Alepp

👤 No. beneficiaries

2,750 K