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From That Which You Love...Reviving The Meanings of Solidarity In The Month Of Goodness And Blessing

When we talk about the holy month of Ramadan, we mention its joyful and spiritual rituals, as it is the month of worship and drawing closer to God Almighty. But throughout this blessed month, the suffering and challenges of those who have faced the harshness of displacement and the loss of their livelihoods persists.

Within the canvas camps in northern Syria, people begin their preparations to welcome this holy month in difficult circumstances. While some are decorating their homes and preparing the table to receive guests, others find themselves among these tents, far from the embrace of their homes and loved ones, deprived of moments of gathering around the table at Ramadan.

Amid this difficult atmosphere, humanitarian efforts come together to add a little hope and joy to the hearts of these displaced families. The spirit of generosity echoes throughout these camps, reviving the essence of solidarity in the month of Ramadan. Humanitarian organizations launch extensive donation campaigns, aiming to provide food, water, and decent shelter for these displaced people as they conclude the month of fasting. In doing so, we alleviate the burdens carried by those affected by war and disasters.

The “From That Which You Love.” campaign launched by the Watan Organization stands out, as it seeks to create a joyful and distinctive Ramadan atmosphere in the hearts and homes of the displaced. Rooted in compassion and solidarity, it seeks to transform this holy month into an opportunity for meeting and bonding among the people, regardless of their harsh circumstances.

The campaign began its activities by holding more than eight group iftars, extending from the Idlib and Aleppo camps to the Turkish city of Gaziantep, where orphans, thalassemia patients, and displaced families had a share in these distinctive spiritual gatherings, which restored to them some of the joy and hope they had lost in light of the Syrian war.

These gatherings come as a result of concerted influential efforts in this blessed month, as generous donors contributed to making these events possible and providing the necessary support to the most needy groups.

The goal of these gatherings is to alleviate the psychological burdens and enhance the morale of those in need, as they help reinstate social activities and traditions disrupted by difficult circumstances. This includes gathering with relatives and friends to break the fast after a long day of fasting. These gatherings not only provide food but also rejuvenate the spirits of the displaced and rekindle a sense of collective unity during times of hardship.

By directing the blessed humanitarian efforts towards those in need, the acts of charity reached the hearts of needy families. Food baskets loaded with all basic food supplies were distributed throughout the holy month of Ramadan, benefiting hundreds of families in the camps of the northern countryside of Aleppo. These charitable efforts went beyond just a distribution of food parcels, but rather a message explaining that the impossible is only a challenge that can be overcome and that united efforts can achieve miracles.

As the holy month nears its end, and attention turns to the last ten days marked by prayers and wishes, efforts are also directed towards welcoming Eid al-Fitrwith joy and celebration, befitting our families and their children. Our aim is to restore the joy of Eid with its wonderful rituals.

These efforts began by launching the ‘Eid Clothes’ campaign for children in the areas of the northern countryside of Aleppo and Idlib. The joy that was reflected on the faces of the children and their parents cannot be described except by witnessing it first hand. This campaign included the distribution of gifts and new clothes, which made the atmosphere completely change in those areas. The spirit of joy and optimism spread everywhere.

The efforts were not limited to this point, but also extended to the distribution of Zakat Al-Fitr and money, in addition to the special Eid sweets, which the women of the region united in preparing before Eid. These moments represented an embodiment of cohesion and solidarity, as everyone gathered to celebrate the most beautiful moments and Eid holidays.

Hence, we see that your donations are more than a donation of money, but rather a seed of giving and solidarity, growing in the soil of the compassionate hearts of our people in the areas and camps of northern Syria.

Among the most prominent donors who left an impact in the month of Ramadan 2024 are the Kuwaiti Society for Humanitarian Excellence, Humanity International, the two Ummatee Organization and the Thai Humanitarian Relief Association shine. When we reflect on your efforts and their impact on the lives of these families, words often fall short in capturing the vivid and profound images that manifest in their lives, all thanks to your generous donations The ‘From That Which You Love.’ campaign has become a window and a bridge connecting them to hope.

The ongoing support extends beyond the month of Ramadan; it is a beacon of hope that illuminates the sky. Unless you experience firsthand the value of this support, you cannot truly grasp the depth of gratitude and appreciation expressed by those who benefit from it.

Thank you for what you have done and are progressing towards achieving goodness and humanity.