Health Program – WATAN

Health Program


WATAN’s belief in the importance of building a local response for current health needs is based on the idea that sustainable solutions must take into account the unique characteristics and resources of the community they are serving. By focusing on local communities, finance, and capacity, WATAN aims to create solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of the area, and that can be sustained over time without over relying on external support.

Our team is made up of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and technicians, as well as community outreach workers who are dedicated to helping individuals and families in the community to improve their health and wellness. We work closely with community organizations, schools, and other local partners to ensure that our program is meeting the specific needs of the community we serve.


Our mission is to establish a strong and reliable healthcare system in Syria by providing/purchasing a comprehensive package of essential health services and focusing on the needs of the most vulnerable individuals. We aim to improve sustainability of the essential healthcare services by establishing a local health financing mechanisms to enhance the effectiveness of life-saving health response efforts.


Health Centre support: To maintain the provision of health care services to those in need and to help reduce mortality by providing care and supplies

Emergency response: Rehabilitation of damaged medical facilities and equipment.

Health diagnosis: Laboratories and radiological services.


WATAN has various pillars to help achieve the goal of improving health systems provided through fully equipped health facilities with high-quality medical services, well-trained medical staff, rapid response, and proper health information systems (including medical specialties, periodic formal epidemiology and chronic disease reports).

  • WATAN is implemented in most besieged or hard-to-reach areas where the need for health care is the greatest.
  • The emergency response plan supports in medical supplies, emergency medical equipment and rehabilitation of facilities.
  • WATAN,s health diagnostics division, Laboratories and Radiology Services increase the level of health services provided.

WATAN continues to expand its reach to more areas and increase beneficiaries by allowing access to the basic right to health care by establishing two diagnostic centers in 2017 and offering more specialized training to staff within Syria to increase experience. WATAN aims to be the first to implement its innovative emergency response plans to mitigate slow action in responses.


WATAN is proud to highlight some of its current projects, which are part of a health program that has helped reduce the suffering and mortality of the Syrian people.

  • support the emergency response center.
  • Support health centers and health capacity building in Eastern Ghouta.